1 verb
1 CONVERSATION (I) to say things to someone, especially in a conversation: talk to: Who was that you were talking to at the party? | talk with: Bob was talking with a pretty woman from the fire department. | talk about/of: We were talking about our childhoods and realized we both went to the same school.
—see say 1 | get talking (=start having a conversation): Once they got talking nothing could stop them. | talk sport/politics etc (=have a conversation about sport etc): I can't stand it when you talk politics. —see speak
2 SERIOUS SUBJECT (I) to discuss something with someone, especially an important or serious subject: We need to talk before things get any worse. | talk about/of: Jenny and I have talked about getting married some day. | talk to: I think I'm going to have to talk to a solicitor.
—see also: talk shop shop 1 (6)
3 SAY WORDS (I) to produce words in a language: Most babies start to talk by 18 months. | Who would ever believed that computers would be able to talk?
4 people will talk/people are talking informal used to emphasize that people will think you are doing something bad: Don't leave your car outside my house; people will talk..
5 SECRET INFORMATION (I) to give someone important secret information because they force you to: Even after three days of interrogation, Maskell refused to talk.
6 not be talking informal if two people are not talking they refuse to talk to each other because they have argued: It's been 3 weeks and they're still not talking.
7 A SPEECH (I) to give a speech: talk on/about: This morning Mrs Elliott will be talking about the best way to cultivate roses.
8 talk sense to give sensible opinions about things: He's a little old-fashioned but he talks a lot of sense.
9 talk sense into to persuade someone to behave in a sensible way: Will you see if you can talk some sense into him - he says he wants to join the army.
10 talk your way out of informal to escape from an unpleasant or embarrassing situation by giving explanations, excuses etc: I'd like to see you talk your way out of this one!
11 talk the hind legs off a donkey informal to talk a lot, especially about unimportant things
12 talk nineteen to the dozen informal talk a blue streak AmE to talk very quickly and without stopping
13 talk turkey informal AmE to talk seriously about important things, especially in order to agree on something: “I'm ready to make a deal.” “OK. Let's talk turkey.”
14 talking point a subject, problem, piece of news etc that many people are interested in
15 talk dirty informal to talk in a sexual way to someone in order to make them feel sexually excited
16 talk tough informal to tell people very strongly what you want from them
17 be talking through your hat informal to say silly or stupid things about something that you think you know a lot about
18 what are you talking about?
a) used when the person you are talking to has just said something stupid or annoying: “I'm sorry - I didn't do the report because my cat hurt his paw.” “What on earth are you taking about?”
b) used to ask someone what their conversation is about
19 know what you are talking about to know a lot about a particular subject: I worked in hotels for years, so I know what I'm talking about.
20 talk about rich/funny/stupid etc used to emphasize that the person or thing you are talking about is very rich, funny, stupid etc: Talk about luck! That's the second competition he's won in a week!
21 talking of/about used to say more about a subject that someone has just mentioned: Talking of Venice, have you seen the masks I bought there last year?
—see say 1
22 now you're talking used when you think someone's suggestion is a very good idea: “We could go for a pizza instead.” “Now you're talking.”
23 look who's talking/you're a fine one to talk/you can talk used to tell someone they should not criticize someone else because they are just as bad: “Peggy shouldn't smoke so much.” “Look who's talking!”
24 we're/you're talking (about)
a) used to tell someone what will be necessary in order to do or get what they are asking you about: If you want the job done properly you're talking -10,000 at least.
b) used to explain something about a person or thing that is being discussed: Don't forget, we're talking about a country where millions are starving.
25 don't talk rubbish/nonsense/crap etc especially BrE used to tell someone that what they are saying is silly and completely wrong: The best goalkeeper in England! Him? Oh, don't talk rubbish!
26 I'm talking to you! used when you are angry because the person you are talking to is not paying attention to you: Hey! I'm talking to you! Look at me!
talk around phrasal verb (T)
1 (talk someone around) to persuade someone to change their opinion and agree with you: Leave Betty to me. I'll soon talk her around.
2 talk around sth to discuss a problem without really dealing with the important parts of it
talk back phrasal verb (I) to answer someone rudely after they have criticized you or told you to do something: I'd never let a child of mine talk back to me like that! talk sb/sth down phrasal verb (T)
1 to give instructions on a radio to a pilot 1 (1) so that they can bring an aircraft safely to the ground
2 to make something that is successful or good seem worse than it really is: It's just like the Labour Party to talk down the achievements of the health service reforms.
3 to persuade someone to come down from a high place when they are threatening to jump and kill themselves
talk down to sb phrasal verb (T) to talk to someone as if they were stupid when in fact they are not; patronize: You have to realize that kids aren't stupid; they know when they're being talked down to. talk sb into sth phrasal verb (T) to persuade someone to do something: She didn't want to come, but I talked her into it. | talk sb into doing sth: Try to talk Liz into buying a ticket. talk sth out phrasal verb (T) informal to talk about a problem in order to solve it: We need to spend a little time talking it out. talk sb out of sth phrasal verb (T) informal to persuade someone not to do something: Stuart was threatening legal action but I think his sister talked him out of it. | talk sb out of doing sth: Can't you talk them out of selling the house? talk sth over phrasal verb (T) to discuss a problem or situation with someone before you decide what to do: Don't worry, we have plenty of time to talk it over. (+ with): Well obviously I wanted to talk it over with you first. talk sth through phrasal verb (T) to discuss all of something so that you are sure you understand it: I think we really need to talk this one through - there are so many things that could go wrong. 2 noun
1 CONVERSATION (C) a conversation
(+ with/about): After a long talk, we decided to stop seeing each other. | have a talk: Listen John, you're going to have to have a talk with Marty.
2 A SPEECH (countable + about/on) a speech or lecture 1 (1): a series of talks about literary theory | give a talk: Dr. Howard is giving a talk on homeopathy today.
3 DISCUSSION talks (plural) formally organized discussions between governments, organizations etc: Peace talks | Talks with the rebels have failed yet again.
4 TYPE OF CONVERSATION (U) type of conversation: Some people would say that kind of talk was treason! | girls' talk/football talk/fighting talk etc: All this football talk bores me stiff!
5 be all talk spoken to always be talking about what you have done or what you are going to do without ever actually doing anything: Don't be scared of Jake. He's all talk!
6 be the talk of the town/company etc to be the person or thing that everyone is talking about because they are very interested, excited, shocked etc: Tim's been the talk of the department since his affair with Janice..
7 just talk/only talk informal a story, claim etc that is just talk or only talk is very likely to be untrue: Everyone says he was a spy but if you ask me it's just talk.
8 there's talk of used to say that a lot of people are talking about something that might happen in the future: There's talk of more factory closures in the area.
—see also: small talk, sweet­talk

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.


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